Clip Your Dream Goal. Win League of Rockets Car.

One winner hand selected by LoR will win his car valued at over $2000

Submit your gifs to the #goal-of-the-week channel in the GYG Discord or tweet the goal with the hashtag #dreamgoal

You can enter as many gifs as you like until October 20th. You'll be auto entered into goal of the week as well. You can only enter clips made with GYG.

Tap the airplane button on a gif and Post to #goal-of-the-week or Press Post to Twitter and tweet with the hashtag #dreamgoal

Winner announced October 30th via GYG Twitter

We'll announce the top 10 starting on October 20th. One position announced a day.

Alpha Boost. Alpha Wheels. White Octane. Mainframe. Oh, my.

You'll win these items valued at over $2000.

Selected by League of Rockets

One Grand Prize winner hand selected by League of Rockets. In true LoR fashion, this competition is winner take all.